Welcome to Danforth.

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Make sure you see this place soon and if you love it, put a ring on it before its gone....



Stop by 874 Woodbine Ave this Friday 2-5 OR Saturday 2-5 for the big reveal! Ice Cream Cart on site both days! PLUS a fun Easter Egg House Hunt where all visitors can gather eggs hidden around the house and win some fun treats and even a few great locally based prizes. See details below if your business wants to take part.

Your Dream Home in Danforth East is ready. Having handled many homes here since 2001, I know which ones have put the most time and money into quality upgrades and renos that reflect living well. This is that home. Built in the 1920s during a time where things were built to last. And this home has been cared for and improved on in so many ways.  

  •  3 beds 
  • 2 baths  
  • Stunning designer kitchen
  • Full basement renovation done with added height
  • Huge backyard with room for 2 car parking if needed 
  •  Above average home inspection report available  
  •  Priced at $799,000 
  •  Offers welcome April 25 at 6pm  

As the smart buyers know, do NOT buy anything in this area until you arrange a visit to see this work of art. The worst mistake a buyer can make in 2019 is to pay too much for NOT enough home. I often get emails from buyers (not mine) asking me if they paid too much after they bought it. If you aren't my client, I cant even comment. 

Whether you are buying or selling with me, Bootcamp training is a MUST. Knowing the top 5 mistakes to avoid when doing either in our area is critical to your success. I have seen people make completely avoidable mistakes over the years that can haunt them for years after the sale. Don't be that person. I take care of those in my community that invest in me. And don't forget my exclusive Neighbourhood Care basket exclusive to my buyers and sellers valued at over $1500+ and includes a 7 day resort vacation certificate (accomodations only).  

As a 21 year resident of our community, I know each part of it extremely well. I have bought and sold homes on Woodbine Ave, Mortimer Ave, Sammon Ave, East Lynn Ave, Bastedo Ave, Aldergrove Ave, King Edward Ave, Cedarvale Ave, Holborne Ave, Virginia Ave, Main Street, Westlake Ave, Eldon Ave, Woodmount Ave, Oakcrest Ave and many more over the years.  

PS Do you own a small business in the area and want to be part of this amazing launch event? I am hoping to get all of you involved in my Danforth Woodbine Easter Egg House Hunt event. Hoping you can add some fun prizes or giveaway items to help make all the visitors feel at home and perhaps have them stop by your store to redeem it. Subscribe above by Wed April 17 at 9pm and lets make it happen. 

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