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Welcome to Danforth East

Let me be the first to welcome you to this amazing community. As the first one many will meet when moving here, it is my obligation to be a good host and show you my town. As your neighbour, I get a LOT of questions from you guys and I love being the one who knows everyone. Here are just a few. 

Where is the best pizza? Who is the best painter? Where is the best mechanic? What is the safest area? Who is the best handyman? 

As a local resident here for 21 years, I know it well. From renting to buying to selling to moving out of town to promoting your small business, saving money, local safety reports and much more....I am the ONE to talk to. I focus on relationships, not transactions. By the time you finish here, you will understand. 

To ensure YOU get all the perks possible along the way, sign up below right now. 

Once you sign up, lets set up a 10 min consultation over the phone to ensure I am helping you in the best way I can. 

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Courtesy of Paul Indrigo, Sales Representative. Century 21 Regal Realty, Inc. Signing up allows me to connect with you via email.  

This is NOT for those working with a realtor or currently for sale. Please be honest up front and you will be rewarded by me.  

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Smart sellers in the Danforth East area. Your prayers have been answered.  

This is the section for you.  

Today is where we begin the process of finding out what your property is worth today and how I can help you ensure you get the MAXIMUM value when selling it. This isnt something you should skip when selling smart. And if you need more reasons why so many locals work with me, the added perks below are out of this world awesome!  

PS As an added bonus for meeting with me in person I also provide a sample report of the "Top 5 Mistakes that sellers near you have made" so you dont repeat their mistakes. This podcast was created with YOU in mind. 

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For all of the awesome real estate clients (past, present, future) and the smart sellers who know that being in front of the biggest local audience has its advantages....  

This is the section for you.  

Whether its for the next grand opening event (I dont do boring open houses) OR to ensure your listing gets the exposure it must have in our community, make sure & sign up below. 

Do NOT make the mistake of giving your address out to just anyone. As my clients will tell you, this is a very critical step in your success.  

Click on the image to the right and you will read many of my local client success stories. I hope you are the next one I can help.  

The biggest difference with me is my #1 Goal is helping you reach YOUR #1 Goal. Youll never see my face on my signs for a reason. Its not about me, its supposed to be about YOU.  

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Imagine a place where you can meet the neighbours, local business owners, homeowners, local safety issues etc and more BEFORE you move here? That is what the premise of this is based on. And YES, I would love to interview YOU here also. Being your most trusted real estate advisor and a local historian, I have collected 1000s of stories from many clients I have helped and all the homes and condos I have handled in our area over the years.  

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In addition to being the first to know about my new listings, neighbourhood appreciation events and much more....you will also save lots of money knowing me.  

For starters...  

Some of the amazing bonuses for working with me when buying, selling and renting include:  

-Access to World Class Concierge Service as part of moving with me. Up to 5 hours of time with the SAME concierge who helps Mick Jagger stay organized while on tour. Way better than a rented couch and a free can of paint. It doesnt get better than this and YOU deserve it! (Buyers and Sellers only)  

-Pre arranged discounts on everything from moving truck to pods to painting to local event tickets, furniture and much more. 

-Your property and/or small business featured on my podcast show. As the top result for Toronto real estate on Spotify, this can be game changer for you. 

-Travel rewards too! You get a 7 day resort vacation certificate on closing as my thanks for your hard work. Its accomodations only so you can decide how to get there. If you have a private plane, you are already set! (Buyers and Sellers only) 

-Your property will also be featured on Zillow thanks to our Century 21 program with them. With over 180M unique visitors each month, that is good for your listing.  

PS. I survive based on YOUR kindness and word of mouth. If you feel this site is worth sharing, please do so below. I appreciate the good karma and make sure it comes back to you too.